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Last week, I found myself face-to-face with a great selection at REDTAG. The fashionable styles come in a great range of sizes, so that regardless of the specific cut of items (such as regular or slim fit chinos), the correct size would be available for everyone.  They were priced superbly too, that I felt compelled to take them home with me. So, in the spur of the moment, I picked some new items for my dearest one. Usually, when shopping for his clothes, my husband and I attempt it together. Simply because, the entire process is made easier by him picking and me approving! But I could not resist, and so, the three looks, all of which fitted him well, are listed below. 

    • Casual. There was a wide variety to choose from a selection of collared, printed, or plain, T-shirts which felt extremely comfortable. I picked a few printed and plain T-shirts that I knew would suit him, and also provide some much-needed breathability for the coming summer months. The cottony feel of the T-shirts inspired me to get him some super-soft shorts and sweatpants that are also great for lounge-wear and some quick errand running.
  • Smart-casual/ semi-formal. Whether it is day or night event, I prefer shirts on my husband. Polo or collared T-shirts look smart on him too, but I think casual shirts exude a sense of strength and determination, and so I was delighted when I came across a fantastic selection of casual shirts. So, I threw caution to the wind and got him a number of shirts in different colours, styles, prints, and material textures.


    I could not resist the khaki green, beige, peach, and purple linen mixed shirts, nor could I say no to the more neutral blue, white, black, and grey dotted, or striped shirts which were all eye-catching and would look good on anyone. Then I came across a simple checked Chinese-collared shirt, which of course, he had to have, so he got that too! To complete the shirts, I also got him some slim-fit stretch chinos, in charcoal grey, grey, and beige. Yup, spoiled!

    • Formal. Now that I had gone a bit crazy in buying him stuff, I decided to go all the way and get him some formal shirts too. I was not disappointed with the selection which boasted crisp whites with delicate geometric prints, and baby-blues with subtle yet contrasting stripes.

By now I should have been done! Instead, I was still browsing the racks of clothes, and eyeing the accessories. I knew I was in trouble. So, I made a compromise with myself: I decided I would not buy him any accessories including shoes and scarves no matter how great they would complement the pieces I had already chosen for him, and decided to add a few more checked (tartan, plaid, and gingham) shirts into my basket, and for fun—I threw in some military camouflage printed T-shirts and bottoms! Ultimately, it was a good day out, and a better day when I showed him his new wardrobe. He was so thrilled, I fear, he may want this to become a habit! 

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