Dress up the little ones for EID

I just didn’t have time to prepare for Eid in advance this year. But there was REDTAG with the answer to all my baby closet needs!

In only about 40 minutes at the store, I was able to put together three gorgeous outfits for my boy, ranging from casual day in to fancy day out.

For an Eid gathering at home, I paired a full-sleeves off-white shirt with colourful lined shorts. As you can see, it’s a round-collared button down with the cutest printed birds on it. The pair complement each other so well and I can see Zaydan being comfortable and looking stylish, both at the same time.

For Eid at a friends’ I chose a lovely lime button down with grey Bermuda shorts. To finish up this look, I got some tan shoes! More formal and bound to make anyone look sharp. The soft colours will keep the look fresh and keep Zaydan cool too.

For a super-formal Eid party, I got a light blue button down shirt and tan pants. Khakis are always a hit with me and I couldn’t stop myself from getting this! With bows printed on the shirt, you automatically know it is a formal one. Pulling the sophisticated ensemble together, we have a lovely weaved belt and dark blue shoes.

So if you’re looking to spend Eid with a fashionably dressed boy, take a look at REDTAG’s new collection. I assure you, you will not regret it.

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