Chef Lawrence from Al Maeda, (DoubleTree by Hilton)  is sharing his secret recipe of FISH SAYADIYAH for all our customers! 

Easy to prepare, delicious and perfect for an EID gathering!

So for all the epicureans and home cooks, enjoy the recipe below and EID MUBARAK!


For Garnish

Basmati rice 1000 gm
Onion sliced 500 gm
olive oil 50 gm
corn oil 50 gm
fish stock 3 ltr
chicken pwder 20 gm
cumin powder 15 gm
carawya powder 4 gm
white pepper 2 gm
salt 30 gm
lemon salt 3 gm
fish filet 1020 gm
For garnish:
Onion sliced 1000 gm
milk 1 ltr
corn flower 1000 gm
frying oil 1 ltr
pine seeds 50 gm
lemon 50 gm


Heat up the pan, add sliced onion, till get brown, add fish stock with little chicken stock powder, cumin powder, caraway seeds, saffron, white pepper, salt, till get boiled.
Add little lemon salt, stir and remove from fire.

For the rice, olive on the pan, add chopped onion, till get golden colour, add rice, add the fish stock, add cumin powder, caraway powder, bayleaf, cover and cook well. Add fish stock and thicken is with corn flour and use as sauce.

Fish to marinated with salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, sear and add in the oven. Serve with bed of rice with sauce.

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