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To travel is to live, so why not do it in style? An upcoming holiday season is like a breath of fresh air that slowly drifts you into a mood to be some place else. While the wanderlust soul is always ready to go, packing for a holiday is what seems like a chore. We travel to make memories and click pictures to look back at them, so we must dress the part. Back in the days, people would travel with just a few t-shirts and a pair of jeans but this is the age of a fashionable jetsetter.

Packing for a holiday is almost as important as prepping for fashion week. Since the travel season is upon us, here’s the ultimate guide on what to pack for different destinations.

Yoga or Wellness Retreat

When planning a getaway to a yoga retreat or a wellness resort, athleisure-chic is what you are looking for. Pack leggings, joggers or tracks in different colors. Style it with a hoodie, funky t-shirts and comfortable training shoes. Whether it’s a yoga class or a hike, you’re surely going to nail the trend.

City Escapade

When you’re out for a city break, expect hurried strolls by the sidewalk, hopping on trains and buses along with crowded tours. In this case, opt for a safer/comfortable route. Quirky tee’s that can be styled with pants, or classic denim along with stylish kicks. It’s a no-fuss look and super chic too. Throw in a stylish bag for a more fashion forward look.


A special celebration calls for a fancy packing list. If you’re travelling to bring in your birthday, anniversary or any other occasion just make sure to dress the part. For the day, pack vibrant ruffled tops with denims while a long shimmery dress or jumpsuit would do wonders for a night party.


Wavering between a laid-back vibe and glamorous nights, packing for a summer holiday on a cruise can be a little challenging. For the day pick some lace tops with denim skirt and oversized sunglasses. For a more formal occasion, a long dress or gown would do the trick.

While packing might be a nightmare for some, just remember planning your outfits in advance is the key. Based on your destination, the weather and the agenda try and pick versatile pieces that can be reused through the trip when styled differently. It’s not about packing light, it’s always about packing smart!


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