Eid is only a couple days away. I am sure you feel rejuvenated and yet exhausted. You have invited half of the town over for Eid-Al-Adha. There will be family and guests to greet, moments to be shared and mounds of food to prepare and eat. 

There is plenty of excitement, and yet you feel nervous. What are you going to wear?

There is already so much us ladies (and some guys, too!) do in preparation. The last thing we have time for is taking forever in figuring out what to wear. But don’t worry, REDTAG is here to save the day.

Scroll down for some affordable pieces, get inspired and mix and match for that flawless pic.

This year, Eid is right in the middle of our summer. We have looked through the REDTAG Eid Collection and included pieces that will keep you cool and flexible but are also very trendy.

Our first Eid outfit is something sparkly. This dress is exactly what you need.

It’s a simple outfit but little details like the ruffled edging elevate it beyond the mundane. Accessorize with a black clutch for a killer combo! 

A pleated skirt brings a touch of elegance to your day. Pair it with a black top to bring contrast to your look.

Pair it with black heels and you have an outfit that can work in a home environment and in an outdoor party. Keep your accessories to smaller pieces and let your outfits do the talking.

A formal outfit on your young man is the perfect way to celebrate Eid. Help him stand out among friends and family with a cute little bow tie.

Neutral colours only help accentuate the “formal cool” of this matching set. You can do no wrong with our Eid Collection for Kids.

Or go for something a bit more casual. Chinese collars are always in.

Roll up the sleeves and pair the outfit with white trainers for something more casual but not out of place in a fancy restaurant.

For something more formal, our rose embellished dress is perfect. Make her feel like the prettiest girl in the room with soft pink roses embellished on this beautiful white dress.

Pair it with headbands, faux pearl bracelets and white ballerina shoes and you have the perfect selfie outfit.