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The weather is changing, and summer will soon be upon us. Of course, this means we need to be prepared for the heat and all it brings! It is definitely time to get planning on our Summer wardrobe, from loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, right down to practical footwear. But, in the rush to keep the heat out and under control, don’t forget to be your fashionable and glamourous self. Here are some top make-up trends to keep an eye-on, as they may keep you trendy, glamorous, and looking like a diva!  

  • The colours that will make you go oooohhhh…Pantone set the tone for this year, the Ultra Violet tone that is. And so, it is time to say hello to all hues, shades, and tints of purple, not just Ultra Violet. From Lavender to Violet, make-up artists expect the colour to take front-stage during Summer 2018. From eyeshadow to lipstick, the word is, purple, will get you noticed.


Unsurprisingly, gold and its shiny exuberance will remain an important shade this new season. However, there is a slight difference in the specific shade of gold that is set to take centre stage. Pushing aside the ever-popular, champagne and rose golds, pure-gold is expected to shine bright as a highlighter, or as eyeshadow, or even an eye-liner this summer.

Tip: think of mixing purple and gold for a traditional yet contemporary ‘royal’ look!


And one final word on colour. Bright and bold colours used skilfully on the eyes or the lips will add that ‘pop’ to your look. Be not afraid to experiment with the wildest eyeshadow palettes and lip colours around. Your imagination could make you a trendsetter.


  • Contour-not! How many tutorials, YouTube videos, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages did you follow last year on contouring? How many sticks, colours, mirrors, and lights did you accumulate? Well, you learnt a new skill that could come back. But experts are warning, that contouring is either out or on its way out, and a more ‘natural look’ is in. A key product for this look is a high-quality tinted moisturizer.


  • Lip Gloss! What is it about lip gloss? It keeps coming back every few-years and even more sparkling than before! This year too, some make-up artists believe lip gloss from nude to bold tones (ultra violet anyone?) will adorn faces everywhere. If you think about it, lip gloss makes perfect sense for the summer, it gives off a hydrated and radiant look, and it really is not hard to fix once you’re done relishing a cold ice cream on the cone!


  • Eyes! Always, eyes! Last year, eye make-up ranged from glitter eyeshadow to glitter under eyes (literally glitter beneath your eyes) to a floating crease or dotted eyeliner and to the use of coloured mascara. This year, while glitter eyeshadow is expected to remain a hit over summer, alongside forever trends such as the cat-eye and smoky eye make-up, there are some important and subtle changes: cat-eyes for one are shedding size, becoming ultra-thin, and are also rounded at the edge, while violet (and other shades of purple) are set to show up in smoky eye glam!

However, some definite eye make-up trends for this summer include a dash of colour on the inner corner of the eye, thick or clumpy eyelashes, and.. sequins, rhinestones, and gems where the glitter of 2017 used to be! If delicately and expertly placing rhinestones, gems, or sequins on your eyes is not for you, do not worry, black eyeliner is back too whether worn around both lash lines, or winged, or drawn dramatically angled!

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