Summer Vibes

Ooohhh, the heat is on, and it is time to get into those comfy cottons, breathable linens, and head down to the beach especially on some of the cooler days and experience the sunsets.

However, if you are on vacation on an island or in a seaside town, the beach is waiting…so do not hesitate!

While a day at the beach may conjure images of sea and sun bathing, dressing the part is important too, and REDTAG stores everywhere have an appropriate summer themed mens collection screaming, comfy. There is something for everyone, and for throughout the day. The store also has rubber slip-on loafers which are perfect for wearing at the beach as dusting or washing sand off them is easy.

Here are some ideas for daytime and night-time summer wear whether at the beach or on holiday.

Daytime attire

Vests! For hot days, nothing is better than some comfortable and airy vests. And those available at REDTAG come with summer-inspired prints, so you will dress and feel the part of a person on holiday (irrespective if it is just for the weekend, a day off, or a vacation!)

If vests are not your thing, there are tropical holiday themed printed t-shirts with eye-catching leaf and floral motifs, and small coconut trees. For the light-hearted there are whimsical graphic printed t-shirts too. However, if your preference is for shirts, there are pastel shaded geometric striped shirts that are both light and breathable and sure to offer comfort.

REDTAG also has some funky beach and nature-themed shorts. The material of these shorts-that-will-make-you want to go to the beach, appears to be semi water and sand resistant.

To complete the look, while taking protecting yourself against the sun’s rays, there are necessary accessories such as caps, rubber slip-on loafs, shoes, and trendy backpacks to help transport the essentials.

Night time wear

Once the sunsets at the beach, the stage is set for meeting friends for dinner, or for attending beach parties. And while some daytime attire could transfer over to night time events such as open-air parties on the beach, there are good options to change it up at REDTAG.

Firstly, the shirts. From comfy white to a black and white spotted, and a few other geometric pastel striped shirts, the choices breathe comfort, and ooze classy style. And if you want to inject some humour amongst your peers, there is also a tiny-shark printed shirt!

If shirts are just not on for the evening, do not fret! There are palm tree printed polos for that perfect smart-casual feel.

Pairing the shirts or polo t-shirts with shorts will be appropriate attire for beach functions anywhere in the world. From slate grey, to blue, the Bermuda shorts available at REDTAG will pair perfectly with any colour and style of t-shirt or shirt.

Other than open-air beach parties where slip-on loafers, sandals, or slippers are most appropriate, some restaurants situated on the beach require customers to wear closed shoes. For these, and also to complete a smart casual or trendy and cool look, there are shoes available in white, navy blues, and tan browns.

Now that the attire is sorted, all that is needed is to head down to the beach, take a day off, or plan your tropical beach getaway!


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