When it comes to work wear, it is important to choose professional and comfortable clothing since you will spend many hours in them. But, as the weather changes, lighter, colourful, and even printed clothing could be used in combination with some basic work wear, such as black pants. Here are some style ideas, to keep you fashionable, professional, and comfortable.

Blacks, whites, greys, and neutrals. Whether it is for everyday work wear, or that important meeting, choosing an outfit can be difficult. One way in which to make life easier is to obtain some good quality clothing pieces in black, white, greys, or other neutral colours. These items such as pants, skirts, blouses, cover-ups, shrugs, or dresses can be worn by themselves or with other printed items to add some personal style.

Tip: for an added formal appearance, combine black, white, grey, or neutral coloured clothing with a jacket or cover-up, with minimal accessories such as a simple necklace, and similar coloured shoes.

Stripes. The choice of horizontal or vertical stripes is personal, but stripes are a versatile office essential. A striped item of clothing such as our jumpsuit can transform to formal wear with the appropriate jacket or cover-up, and a pearl necklace. It can also be worn casually to a relaxing coffee and cake with your work colleagues after a long day at the office. Of course, combing a striped top or bottom with a black or neutral item of clothing will always be in style for the professional go-getter.

Lace. If you think lace cannot be worn to the work place, let us show you how it can be incorporated. From a lace blouse, to a lace skirt, or a lace cover-up we have got you covered this season. Lace has the advantage of appearing feminine yet professional when worn with black or neutral coloured clothing items. Our white or black long sleeved, lace cover-up is glamourous, feminine, and perfect for the workplace.

Florals and colours. Spring is in in the air. Enjoy the season by wearing one of floral prints. They can be worn by themselves, such as our smart floral dress that can also be worn as a long blouse with appropriate leggings, or combined with basic office wear. If you like floral patterns but not convinced that they should be a main item of clothing, choose a shawl that has the floral print and colours you like. Speaking of colours, there are no rules, but light and pastel shades such as peach or mint green are complementary during the day. They are also comfortable because they do not absorb as much heat as darker coloured clothing.


Tip: a floral shawl would be perfect with neutral coloured clothing.

A boring outfit only needs some well-planned accessories to make it stand out. From jewellery to shawls, the choice of accessory is personal and it can be minimal or bright and bold, just make sure it does not interrupt your work. We have a range of shawls that will make your outfit for work classy, and ‘new’ each time. Choose from our sequined, gold and silver printed, to floral and geometric designed, and simple high-quality embossed shawls to add a personal flair to work daily.

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